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Name:Jesse Malone
Birthdate:May 21, 1973
Jesse was your average guy, or he used to be. One night after a tiny show he and his band had played he was driving home when his truck broke down. He decided to walk and find help when he was jumped and beaten. See Jesse is bisexual and had been seen with a guy. That guy's brother decided Jesse was at fault for corrupting his brother so he and a few friends were going to teach him a lesson. During the scuffle Jesse accidentally killed one of his attackers. Jesse was found in a puddle of his own blood and rushed to the hospital. They didn't expect him to make it but he made a miraculous recovery.

It wasn't until the next full moon that Jesse would find out why he seemed to heal a little quicker, get sick less frequently. That he had triggered a curse he was born with, that he was a werewolf. That night he had felt like his skin had been on fire and that every bone was breaking in his body on it's own. He didn't know what he was until he shifted for the first time and became a large white wolf. He's still learning to control it and sometimes when angry his eyes will flash a vibrant amber and look wolfish. Add in someone wants to turn him into a killer and are hunting him and it doesn't keep his temper at bay much.

[Jesse is my own creation, sadly I cannot say the same for Adam Levine. His werewolf story is based on The Vampire Diaries canon as I liked that aspect of it. Jesse however is non-fandom related. Jesse will be open for verses both het and slash but I tend to like to see how characters mesh before committing to verses. Feel free to PM me however and we can discuss things. Muse and mun over 18.]
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